About Me

I discovered another way.

My name is Paige S. Lynch. I am a nurse practitioner board certified in Family and Acute Care Medicine. I am a mother and wife who has struggled to balance caring for others while still caring for myself. Shortly after my son was born, I began to experience an expression of symptoms and illnesses that were not making sense to my conventionally-trained medical brain. I began to research on my own, and over time I discovered there was another way. I began a path of whole-body wellness that I would come to realize was the formal process of Functional Medicine.

The Institute of Functional Medicine certification process, in combination with my own personal health and wellness success, has led me to make the decision to start my own Functional Medicine practice. I want to serve people in a more personalized and integrative way. So many of us are dealing with more stress, less sleep, and less time for self-care than ever before. I want to teach you how to thrive despite these lifestyle challenges.

Paige Lynch - Nurse Practicioner