Master the lifestyle that will support your overall health and healing

Take Control​

Ready to start working towards your goals? If you’re looking for a journal that allows you to put yourself first to achieve the health and healing lifestyle of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place!

As a triple board-certified functional medicine nurse practitioner and owner of Functional Health and Wellness, PLLC, I started my career in a high stress environment as a firefighter/paramedic. As I advanced in my education and training, my own health crisis shortly after the birth of my son opened my eyes to the physical effects of chronic stress and not caring for mybody.

When I was unable to get the medical support I needed in traditional conventional medicine, I discovered functional medicine. I was immediately drawn to the holistic approach of using a person’s individual genetic makeup, combined with lifestyle to reverse chronic illness and prevent future problems. After completing my training with the Institute Functional Medicine, I was able to create a practice that centers around the needs of the patient. Now I work with patients across the country to create individualized treatment plans based on each person’s unique needs.

After realizing that advanced treatment plans and interventions were often falling short due to lack of a solid foundation, this journal was born.

Inside the Functional Health and Wellness Journal you will find:

  • A breakdown of the Functional Health and Wellness foundational habits of health.
  • Worksheets aimed to help you identify your goals, emotions, and stressors.
  • Monthly goal pages.
  • Comprehensive monthly health checks to help you assess your health and track changes.
  • 2 pages of extra self discovery journal prompts with 160 pages of extra journaling space.
  • 4 monthly calendar pages
  • 4 months of daily pages that include a:
    • Daily to do list
    • Habit tracker
    • Daily win box
    • Daily journal prompts
    • Gratitude section
    • Brain dump box
  • Resources to connect with the Functional Health and Wellness community.

A Journal for Everyone

The journal is available for purchase on Amazon, which can be accessed by clicking on the image links below. Choose your favorite cover color and start your journey towards health and wellness.